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Where to Find Those The Best FS21 Mods

Last updated on 4 months ago
Where to Find Those The Best FS21 Mods

It used to be easier before. At the height of Farming Simulator 2013 popularity, all you has to do was visit FS-UK, Modhoster, and American Eagles Modding and you could find every mod that there was at that time.

Today, if we talk specifically about Farming Simulator 21, you have many more choices. Actually, when it comes to finding many of the latest FS21 mods, you have to do a fair amount of searching. And then you have a wide choice of various mod sites. At the moment you have over 30 websites offering Farming Simulator 21 mods. However, keep in mind that 80% of those sites simply copy-paste from well-known places, e.g., Modhub, Forbidden Mods, and other source.

Then you have Facebook groups and all sorts of Discords. And this is where you should come for many truly great finds. Continue reading, and you will learn where to search.

The Downside

Mods motivate a lot of players (we are no exception) to spend hours n end playing Farming Simulator 21. And our appetite keeps growing. We want more mods. We are attracted by the novelty of the unknown. Someone has a new mod to show? We would love to try it, of course. Even if it’s not good. We won’t say no. But where to look for those new mods?

The supply of FS21 mods may be rather irregular at times. Of course, we would love it if every FS21 mod that there is was available on Giants Modhub. But it is not the case at the moment and will not be. At least not till Giants change it’s policy and go easy. Right now the modding community comes together in Modhub, which is considered the central source for mods.

United modders? This is highly unlikely, as there has been a lot of discord in the community of modders for many years now, and we cannot think of anything that would bring modders together and turn them all into one big happy family. In fact, the opposite may happen and mods will be even more scattered. That is if Giants do not present us with an unexpected surprise…Ok, enough talk, let us see some cool places for rare and useful mods…

Custom Modding Group

Many dedicated FS players have heard of Custom Modding, well-known for offering some really nice, Americanized FS21 mods. And it’s useful to know that Custom Modding has their Facebook Group too.

You are not required to join the group to be able to access the official CM mods. However, certain mods are shared only with the members of the group.
Expendables Modding

Expendables Modding is among the most numerous FS groups on Facebook. And it’s a really good experience to be a member. Generally, the group is hospitable and kind to newcomers. There’s little pointless drama here, unlike in so many other Farm Sim groups, which is refreshing and definitely adds to a positive experience.

The Expendables group can offer you really good quality FS21 mods. Some of those mods are available for everyone. However, o lot of them remain within the group.
Schwarze Schafe

This is a German Discord server, and you can find quite a few noteworthy mods there. Check out one of the Farming Simulator 21 mods available.
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